Ready to make a move? Finding the right property can be a daunting task. In addition to selecting a design and a floor plan that you like, you also have to think about the condition the home is in.

Although it might be tempting to sign a mortgage as quickly as possible and start the moving process, it makes much more sense to invest in a thorough home inspection first. A typical home inspection covers important areas of the home such as:

Walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors. An inspector will look at a wide range of structural components throughout the home.

Interior plumbing system. Visible plumbing in the home will be inspected, with the inspector looking for signs of leaks and other issues, such as water damage.

Foundation. The foundation is the backbone of any building. An inspector will look for any signs of issues with a home’s foundation. In some cases, foundations can be repaired, but it’s often an extensive and costly process.

Roof. Roofs protect us from the elements, but they’re also exposed to wind, water, and the sun’s harsh UV rays. An inefficient roof can jack up utility costs and make your home inefficient. A roof that needs to be replaced can be costly. A basic home inspection covers the roof, attic and visible insulation.

Heating and cooling system. Weather permitting, an inspector will take a look at both of these systems and how well they work.

Electrical system. Electrical issues can be costly. Home inspectors look for any visible signs of electrical issues.

After the inspection is complete, your home inspector may recommend additional testing by a specialist in a specific area if they spot an issue they are concerned with, such as termites. Most home inspectors welcome home buyers to accompany them on their home inspections. It’s a great time to ask questions. You’ll also receive a written report on the home’s condition. Remember, a home inspection is not a ‘pass-fail’ type of report. It simply provides an overview of a home’s condition and its major systems.

Don’t rush through the home buying process. Take your time and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.