There’s no doubt about it: Moving can be really stressful. And a lot of that stress comes from having to move all that “stuff.” Here are some tips designed to make that part of your move a lot easier:

Make a to-do list early. Things are going to get crazy, but an organized list will be your saving grace. Don’t forget the little things like handing utilities over to the next resident, getting your mail forwarded to your new address, finding used boxes, arranging for time off work and possibly hosting a garage sale to de-clutter. More on that below.

Visit with your insurance agent. As with any major life change, let your insurance agent know. Provide your new address and the date you will be moving. You may also need to discuss how the move will affect your insurance policies. If you’re renting for even a short span of time before moving into your new home, make sure you have renters insurance coverage lined up. If you will be putting any of your household items in storage, insurance is a must. Insurance should be taken care of before you and all of your belongings arrive in your new home.

Complete a home inventory. A home inventory is always a good thing to have, and moving time is the perfect time to compile one. While you’re packing your boxes, have your laptop open or a notebook nearby and jot down items of importance and quantity. Record serial numbers where appropriate. Don’t forget small things like your hair styling tools in the bathroom or your nice silverware. Once you are in your new home, take pictures of each of your rooms with your belongings and create a home inventory.

As you are packing and completing your inventory, ask yourself if there are some things you don’t need to move at all. Moving is a great time to get rid of things you don’t want or need anymore. Consider having a garage sale to unload all the excess items you’ve accumulated over the years. Another option if you don’t have a lot of time is to make a donation to a local nonprofit. Keep a garage sale or donation box handy as you pack.

However, do take special care with nostalgic items. You don’t want to pitch something that you’ll end up wishing you kept later. This may not be the best time, for example, to dramatically pare down your child’s toy collection. If you or another member of your family aren’t really all that sure something needs to go, put it aside and reconsider in a few days.

Our last tip: Consider giving items to family and friends. You’ll have less to pack, and you can leave a piece of you with them!