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“Fast response when I called. Always answered questions or pointed me in correct direction Very honest.”


“Personalized service Rapid response”


“Shawn made the whole process easy and smooth with his knowledge and friendly, helpful attitude. Thank you so much!”

Jacob Richard

“Shawn was courteous, he advocated for us during a few little hick ups.”

Evangelo G

“Shawn was courteous, professional and a great advocate for us lendees. He went above and beyond and always maintained constant communication and provide guidance along every step of the process!!”


“Very attentive to my circumstances and financial needs.”


“Shawn was extremely helpful every step of the way during the process. He was always available to answer any questions we had.”

David Allen

“Shawn Martin”

John A

“Shawn listened to and answered all of our questions. The response time was amazing. He left nothing in the shadows( he was open about everything). He made all of our dreams a reality! He actually cared about helping us! I tell everybody I know about how our experience was and highly recommend him and his team to everyone!”

Cameo S

“Given that we were first-time home buyers we had a lot of questions which were basic and/or naive. These questions were all handled quickly and professionally which put our mind at ease. One thing that I was NOT happy about, however, was the immediate transfer of the loan to another lender. While, I did not have a problem with this per se, and the form stated that the loan could be transferred to another lender, it was clear that the intention from the beginning was to immediately transfer the loan to another provider and this was not communicated to us. The first communication I received about this was from Penny Mac. Given the number of spam and quasi-legitimate (and purely scam) offers I was receiving via mail, I had no idea whether it was legitimate or not. Also, being a first time homeowner, I had no idea what this meant as far as my payment obligations. While Penny Mac stated that nothing would change, I did not know whether I could trust such a blanket statement. A simple phone call letting me know that "While we approved your loan, we are selling it to another provider and you should see paperwork come through" would have prevented the unease and anxiety from ever occurring. It is possible that this was mentioned in passing, however, with all of the back and forth, it would have been easy to miss.”