An explorer by nature, my travels always lead me to in-depth research of real estate markets. Are there investment opportunities? Can I uncover new information and apply it closer to home? Will I frustrate my travel companion with this obsession? Often I do, but they always come to me for real estate advice.

Real estate was born into me. My grandfather was a home builder, and my father spent his career as a corporate real estate development executive. Living in Colorado for most of my life has provided me with valuable insights on the Front Range real estate landscape. Since my early 20s, I have owned a home and managed rental properties. Recently, I built a log cabin on my mom’s ranch. Through this lifelong passion, I believe that homeownership, and its importance in personal financial success, is an essential part of the American dream.

With a Sociology degree from Colorado College and an MBA from the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business, my career has spanned various management roles in operations, marketing, and sales. I’ve joined diverse industries, from communications technology to professional auto racing, big box home improvement retailing, historic architectural salvage, and banking.

As a real estate investor, I realized that finding knowledgeable help in accessing mortgage funding could be better. I am committed to being a part of the solution and making the whole lending process easier through communication. I work tirelessly to make the dream of homeownership come true for my clients. Ingrained in my personality is a desire to help, and by strategizing options with buyers, I help them make one of the most important investment decisions of their lives.

I am privileged to work with seasoned mentors here at our Boulder branch, along with an in-house support team which enables efficiency.

When not in the office or keeping abreast of the ever-changing real estate financing market, I enjoy the Colorado lifestyle with family and friends through h interests in hiking, skiing, camping, classic cars and motorsports, music shows, building renovation projects, and community service.

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